Monday, January 19, 2009

Transition Board Creates Committees

The Transition Board of Directors authorized the creation of five committees Friday along with some immediate tasks.

Cross and Grounds Committee – to deal with issues surrounding restoration of the cross and grounds. In particular it is authorized to take the following actions:
  • Find a structural engineer to review the status of the cross and report back by the February Annual Meeting as to his general recommendation to which option the board should take.

  • Also, committee is authorized to secure donated services of surveyors or a surveying class to draft a site plan showing both Foundation and Forest Service property atop Bald Knob Mountain, the buildings, roads, utilities, easements and elevations.

  • In terms of the public safety around the cross the committee will be authorized to erect signage and a barricade around the grassy area below the cross to prevent and discourage close proximity to the structure until such time the panels can either be secured or removed.

Events Committee – to conduct the Easter Sunrise Service and liaison with the Blessing of the Bikes as well as other events including some type of prayer event.

Finance Committee – to establish a budget if one has not been approved for FY09, secure insurance, find an auditor as well as develop a fund raising plan.
  • If no budget is in place, then the committee should present one at the annual membership meeting in February.

  • As to insurance three quotes should be gathered for each policy area – general liability, directors and offices, and bonds for the secretary and treasurer. Committee is to make a recommendation by e-mail to the board as quickly as possible. Once a majority of the board members vote in favor or the committee’s recommended carriers, then the committee as well as the Secretary and Treasurer are authorized to secure such policies immediately.

  • As to an auditor the committee is advertise for bids and bring those bids for approval at the annual membership meeting in February.

  • As to a fund raising plan, the committee shall make recommendations to the board as needed.

Organizational Structure and Bylaws Committee – to report back to the Board and/or membership on the following items:
  • Make a recommendation to be sent out no later than Jan. 27 on basic non-controversial minor changes to the bylaws to be voted by the existing membership at the February 2009 Annual Meeting. These include dealing with the incorrect address for the principal place of business, changing president and vice president to chairperson and vice chairperson, authorize the creation of assistant secretary and assistant treasurer positions, allowing another board member check-signing authority so it’s the treasurer and one other rather than just the secretary as the second signature, and including electronic forms of bill payment rather than just checks.

  • Make a recommendation in two months on an organizational structure for the foundation and its operations, including the role of the caretaker or facilities director position for adoption by the Board of Directors.

  • Make a recommendation by late summer or early fall to re-do Article 5 of the bylaws regarding the Board of Directors and the suggestions included in the settlement agreement. These amendments to the bylaws may be adopted by the transition board as per the settlement agreement.

  • Make a recommendation by the end of the year on the rules for membership for possible submission to the full membership as early as the February 2010 annual meeting.

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