Monday, January 19, 2009

We're Not a Foundation But We're Still a Charity

I just noticed today that I've been using the wrong corporate name. It's just Bald Knob Cross of Peace, according to the annual filings with the Secretary of State's Office.

Previously it had been Bald Knob Mountain Recreation Association and before that Cross of Peace Foundation. Since I've been going through the original bylaws and paperwork that's where I kept adding the "foundation" to the current name.

The Cross of Peace Foundation was organized in 1976 and became the successor organization of the Save the Cross Committee which organized in the early 1970s and the original Bald Knob Christian Foundation which Wayman Presley and others organized in the 1950s to purchase the land atop Bald Knob.

Nevertheless, we're still a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that we've been since the beginning. Donations to Bald Knob Cross of Peace are tax deductible charitable contributions. Donations can be mailed to the group at Bald Knob Cross of Peace, PO Box 35, Alto Pass IL 62905.

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